Are you creating a legacy or a faded memory? 

The things you do and don’t do in life are what shape your legacy. Are you consciously thinking of how you will be remembered when you’re gone? Do you even care?

Well, today you may not, but when you’re on your death bed you probably will. (As most people do when they’re near death.)

By then, will you have enough time to create a lasting impression on the world? Probably not!

Don’t wait for death to knock on your door before you start living and making a difference in people’s lives.

Snap out of the trance you’re in and do something extraordinary. You might just enjoy it.

How to create a legacy:

One sure way to be remembered is to create something of significant value to the world. It can be anything!

You can build a monumental foundation that helps thousands of people around the world or it can be something as simple as a beautiful painting.

It doesn’t matter what you have to offer. Just create it!

Many of us are highly artistic, unfortunately, most of us allow our insecurities to get the best of us causing us to hide our gift. That’s usually due to the fear of rejection.

Nurture your art. Perfect your craft and share it with the world. Your creation may be the one and only thing that people remember you for when you’re long gone.

The next option is to focus on making an impact on several people’s lives. The more people you help the greater chance you will have someone waving your flag while you’re gone. Your blessings will not go in vain. Try reaching out to as many people as possible. The world is yours to leave as large an imprint as you can. You just have to decide how big it will be and if it is going to be a positive or negative one.

Personally, I believe that if you leave no impression at all, then in essence you have contributed nothing to the world. In other words, you had a lifetime time of taking and not giving.

Another way for you to be remembered is to leave a lasting impression. One that can’t be erased from people’s mind.

This can be done by simply being YOU! You’re different. We all are. If we actually focused on cultivating our own personality, each one of us will stand out like a bright star in a dark sky. The problem is, too many of us are what I like to call swagger jackers. In other words, we’ll see someone’s unique style/personality and then we’ll imitate them, hiding our true individuality.

It goes back to the insecurities that most of us suffer from. We’re too lame to create our own identity, so instead we pick pieces of different celebrities and form some half ass replica.

Like I said before, be different. Be you. The REAL you!

My man Bruce once said, “The key to immortality is living a life worth remembering”

Now tell me, how is anybody going to remember you, if you are no different than the last guy?

How is any body going to remember you if you haven’t created anything?

How is any body going to remember you if haven’t impacted anyone’s life other than your own?

Now that you have this information, what are you going to do with it?

Sure you can dismiss it, go on about your day and live a regular life, but just remember this……People who are at the END of their life today, are constantly thinking about what they would have done differently if they were in YOUR shoes right now.

Unlike them, you still have a chance to LIVE a life worth remembering.

Don’t get stuck in someone’s shadow. Be you! Shine as brightly as possible. Light the world with your heart.


Written by Ivan Maldonado
Author of Head Start 2 Riches
Edited by Mrs. Alicia Maldonado
Author of Ugli Fruit


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