Tips to Accomplish your Goals

We all have dreams, but how many of us actually fulfill them?
How about goals?
I’m sure for every dream you have, there’s a couple of goals attached to it.
With that said, now’s the time to learn how to accomplish each one of our goals!
Every goal that has been reached, brings us that much closer to our dream.

Here are a few tips to help you accomplish your goals:


Do you or do you not want to accomplish this goal?

SERIOUSLY, Do you want it or not?

Either way, make up your freakin mind!

There’s nothing wrong with calling it quits right now.

However, if you really wish to accomplish the goal that you set, you need to understand that a different level of effort is going to be required.

Whatever you’ve tried in the past obviously hasn’t done you any good when it comes to completing this goal. If it did, you would have already been successful. Therefore, you have to be willing to be a different person. You must take on the traits of every other successful person. Traits such as: discipline, persistence, strong-will, hard work, and relentlessness to name a few.

While you’re deciding on whether or not you want to continue pursuing your goal, tell yourself that you will either go 100% all in or not start at all.

If you’re going to half ass it, you might as well just throw in the towel now, so you save yourself the head ache.


Despite our best efforts, every now and again we all suffer from complacency.

Complacency is known to throw us off of our game, leaving us at disarray.

It’s important to know that complacency can only take over us when we are mentally lost.

The first thing that must happen when we set a goal is to write out a plan.

The next step is the follow the plan to the T.

The moment we drift off track from our plan, is the moment we begin to become vulnerable for complacency.

If we begin without having a plan at all, then the complacency will kick in much faster.

Either way, without having a plan of action, complacency is bound to take over.

It’s no different than riding on a train and not having a destination. Without knowing when’s your stop, you could easily find yourself riding that train for hours before realizing something is terribly wrong.

When you write your plan you must write out all of the necessary steps that need to be taken.

For example, if your goal is to become a famous singer your plan should look like the following:

1. Locate a vocal coach.
2. Practice singing everyday.
3. Record a demo.
4. Find a manager.
5. Find local venues to perform at.
6. Develop a fan base.
7. Try to get signed to a label.

Next, write a detailed plan on how you will be able to do each one of the 7 steps you wrote down.

For example, if you look at step 6. (Develop a fan base) Your plan will look like the following:
a. Create a Youtube page and post a new cover song every Sunday.
b. Create a Facebook fan page.
c. Along with the Facebook page, create a twitter, instagram and Snapchat account. Reach out to new people who like your type of music, everyday.
d. Give away free t-shirts, hats, CDs, singing tips, and so on.

With a plan like this, complacency should never become an option for you. Simply begin at step 1 and work your way down the list.

Whenever you seem puzzled, simply glance at your plan and quickly remind yourself of where you are and what is your next step.

Be sure to include deadlines for each step.


Think of every possible reason as to why you won’t be able to follow through with your plan and come up with the solution now.

Don’t allow yourself to be thrown off at a later time. Instead, anticipate the problem and adjust the plan accordingly.

This way, when a problem arises there won’t be any excuse for you not to continue AS PLANNED.



There’s a popular saying…. “what is your why?”

For example, if I asked a middle age woman, why does she work so hard at her full-time job while still finding time to go to community college part time? Her answer may be, “I do this for my children.” In other words, her “why” is her children.

Identifying your why is easy.

The hard part is to remember your why.

With all of the daily distractions that we are faced with, it’s almost impossible not to get side tracked for a little while.

Which will eventually lead to complacency as I mention earlier. So aside from a detailed plan you need to have visual reminder for yourself.

And when I say reminders, I mean REMINDERS IN YOUR FACE.

One small photo of your children in the sun visor of your car is not going to cut it.

Try 100 photos.
Go big or go home. Like I said before, 100% effort or nothing at all.

You have to surround yourself with different items that will instantly trigger your brain to think about your why.

Think about all of the mega businesses out there. They spend millions of dollars each year to get their brand name in your view. There’s no way in hell, they would go through all of that trouble and expense if it didn’t work.



At this point, you’ve already made your choice. You know what needs to be done. Now do it!

Don’t stop working until it’s done. No excuses!

Sometimes, it really is just that simple.

Be resourceful. Use your common sense and work hard.

Now make it happen!

Written by Ivan R Maldonado
Author of Head Start 2 Riches

Edited by Mrs. Alicia Maldonado
Author of Ugli Fruit


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